Annie clark degrassi dating east asian women dating disparity and race relations

Annie graduated from Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, a high school in Toronto, in 2010.She got accepted into the University of Toronto on April 25th, 2012, and studying film.Who do you think is better for Fiona, or should she get a new love interest entirely?Annie Clark: I think a new love interest entirely would be better for Fiona.AC: I’m always surprised by Fiona’s ability to be so many things at once.


AE: At what point did you find out about Fiona’s spring storyline with Adam and then Holly J., and what did you think about it?

Annie Clark is the 18-year-old actor who has been playing Fiona since her introduction on After Let’s cut to the chase!

Readers on After have been torn over whether Fiona should be with Adam or Holly J.

AC: I’ve gotten some amazing feedback about the past few storylines.


Some girls have confessed to me that they too have been in love with their best girlfriend.

AC: Like Fiona, I can be a little bit dramatic and I also love fashion. AE: Which of Fiona’s storylines this season has been your favorite to film?


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