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Colombi remained in pretrial detention at year's end.

At a march to protest Bonefoi's death hours after the shooting, police shot and killed teenagers Nicolas Carrasco and Sergio Cardenas.

An investigation into the killings continued at year's end.

On August 12, a trial began in the case of an off-duty police officer who killed a 26-year-old man at a nightclub in Zarate in July 2009.

An additional 70 cases were pending at year's end.

High-profile cases included: · On April 13, the Federal Court of Santa Fe sentenced former military intelligence officer Horacio Americo Barcos to 11 years in prison for illegal deprivation of freedom and torture in two cases.

The officers were accused of torturing and killing more than 20 political prisoners on December 13, 1976, in the province of Chaco. · On July 2, a trial began in Cordoba against ex-president Jorge Rafael Videla.

The following human rights problems were reported: killings and use of excessive force by police or security forces; police abuse and alleged torture of criminal suspects and prison guard brutality toward prisoners; overcrowded and substandard prison and jail conditions; occasional arbitrary arrest and detention; prolonged pretrial detention; continued concerns about judicial efficiency and independence; official corruption; domestic violence against women; child abuse; trafficking in persons for sexual and labor exploitation, primarily within the country; and child labor.On September 7, the First Oral Tribunal of Zarate sentenced the officer to life imprisonment for homocide.


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