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The NEPA Section is presently working the Net-Zero EIS which will bring initiatives to have Net-Zero use of water, energy and waste generation to the installation.All current NEPA documents can be found on the Fort Bliss website by clicking the Environmental Documents button on the home page.DPW-E tracks three types of fuel spills: leaks, tank overfills and those that occur during fuel transfers.


Work is being conducted to acquire land in the southern (Division) Training Area to prevent encroachment and provide access to the area by tactical vehicles.The PA also standardizes and provides guidance for a variety of routine and unusual procedures.DPW-E will also be revising their Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan in 2014 The ICRMP is a 5-year planning document the Installation uses to make decisions about cultural resources management activities and compliance procedures.The ICRMP makes the management of cultural resources relevant to the mission.

The NEPA Section of the DPW-E Conservation Branch reviews every work order and service order generated at Fort Bliss.The plan provides guidance to Commands, Tenants, Contractors, and all other activities supported by Fort Bliss on issues related to hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.


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