Bang sex without registration

This profile helps you identify whom you have talked to and where the gaps are in the reach of your activities.

You can also use this report to filter via your sign-up form questions, aware informed and engaged metrics and also by first and last seen date.

And "yes means yes" makes that easier—among people who don’t actively want to rape other people, at least. You only want to have sex with people who want to have sex with you, right???

† Reminder: Just because they consent to kissing you doesn’t mean they consent to other stuff!

This reinforces what we have always known about human behaviour and engagement – that a decision to take part in any engagement it is far more influenced by desire to engage and relationship to the project than anything else.

If it's on, women get inundated with requests from random men.

As the following section demonstrates, asking key segmenting questions on your registration form will also allow better targeting at different groups via EHQ Newsletters.


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