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As officers awaited backup units armed with Tasers, they tried to corral Mc Donald to keep him away from passers-by.At one point, Mc Donald used the knife to slash the front tire of a squad car trying to block his path.Van Dyke, who is married and has two children, was born in Hinsdale and attended grade school in Burr Ridge and graduated from Hinsdale South High School in Darien in 1996, according to his personnel file obtained by the Tribune through an open records request.Before joining the Chicago Police Department, Van Dyke applied to work as a officer with the state prison system but was rejected because he did not have a college degree.Police said Mc Donald, who had PCP in his system when he died, was behaving erratically and refusing police commands to drop the folding knife.At the time of the shooting, the police union maintained that the officer fired in fear for his life because the teen lunged at him and his partner with the knife.There is no sound on the controversial dash-cam video released late Tuesday afternoon by the city, only startling images that show a white Chicago police officer unloading 16 rounds on an African-American teen, who though armed with a small knife appeared to be trying to get away, police said. For 13 seconds of it, Mc Donald is lying on the street. Another cloud of white debris kicks up from behind his head. The teen lies on the road for nearly a minute alone.


He loved traditional food based on authentic recipes using quality ingredients.Laquan Mc Donald's Wounds (PDF) Laquan Mc Donald's Wounds (Text)This document prepared by the Cook County medical examiner's office details the wounds to Laquan Mc Donald, 17, who died after being shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer last October.


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