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Therefore, women will want to choose masculine men to retain that all-important polarity, but the degree of male masculinity required to reach a suitable level of polarity will vary based upon the woman’s own inherent masculinity.This rule of what I will call “Shifted Female Masculinity Preference” — that is, the idea that the preference of women for masculine men is shifted to greater masculinity in men relative to the women’s own masculine attributes and psychological traits — has plenty of exceptions, and so I would not set my watch to it, nor should you, the efficient pursuer of women, rely on it exclusively to streamline your seduction operations.I guess I’m saying a heterosexual masculine woman will have a stronger preference for masculine men, or that she has masculine men in her ancestry.The question then becomes, do her masculine genetics increase her attraction to alpha males? ), it does appear to be the case that, anecdotally and observationally, masculine women tend to go for very masculine men.A lot of them have photographer, artist and otherwise effeminate boyfriends.However, you rarely see a short stripper type with anything less than a standard bad boy.Examples: Cameron Russell (supermodel) with her boyfriend Andrew Elliott (photographer) CRussell/topics/andrew Bibi Jones (porn star, stripper, etc) with Rob Gronkowski As you can see from the full-length photos, Cameron is 50% legs to body whereas Bibi is 40% or less. (Recall that “masculine” does not necessarily mean “alpha“, as we can see by the fact that many effeminate artist types do quite well with cute women.) So the rule generally expressed is as follows: Given the axiom that most women prefer men more phenotypically and behaviorally masculine than themselves: a.

Neither do we guarantee that any marriage will necessarily be happy, profitable or sexually gratifying.Mesomorphs and “act first, think later” types should tune their radars for short-legged chicks with a twinkle of mischief in their eyes.


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