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Jahan ra az aalaaishe wajoode besawaad-e-oo pak gardaanad chun Fateh Khan 9.

Then this world should be relieved of the existence of such a person since Fatehkhan 10.

Har do ra az ham juda mee sakht wa ba hamin zorhae’ beja beemar shudah 1.

Both were separated from one another and with those unjust atrocities fell ill 2.

Son of Ambar through Yaminuddaulah Asafkhan had submitted a petition 4.

After reciving the royal order — obeyed by the world – be advanced arguments and excuses for his bad administration 11. Made successor illegally and a petition far from the 13.The answer to the second question is that Shahjahan did not build any palace for Mumtaz alive or dead.There is not even single line or poetic reference showing that Shah Jahan loved Mumtaz in any of the Mughal emperors biographies.Historical Proof That Taj Mahal is Hindu Temple We are releasing 4 part series on Taj Mahal is Shiva Temple Part 1 False History Written on Love Thanks a ton to one of the greatest historian P. Oak and other global historians, we all were able to prove the long dragged issue of Taj Mahal being Hindu temple, and Hindus being deprived of their heritage and monuments, due to anglicization and islamization of Indian history.

The postings on Taj Mahal Shiva Temple are excerpts of his research and books.Secondly, how many palaces did Shahjahan build for his sweetheart Mumtaz while she was alive before he built one over her dead body ? The answer to the first is that there are no accounts of the Shahjahan Mumtaz romance because there never was any.



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    Additional exhibits include the wildly popular “Animal Grossology” and the outdoor science park, “Forces That Shape the Bay,” where visitors can divert a river, trigger an earthquake, move tectonic plates and learn about ocean creatures.

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    Then the priests answered, and said to my blessed mother: Go with Joseph, and be with him till the time of your marriage. all the people congratulated the old man [Joseph], saying: You have been made blessed in your old age, O father Joseph, seeing that God has shown you to be fit to receive Mary.

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    Over the course of the weekend tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans descend on the venue for three days of gaming, technology, gadgets, and geek lifestyle entertainment.

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