Free cam shows no credit card


Power remains in the car after shutting off until the door opens. Most these days are wired to the ignition #not just "foreign cars," my Jeep is set up that way# and the camera will turn on and off with the ignition. good quality but I would not call it 1080p full hd. "A short push of the power button will activate night mode" or "push twice for this mode" or verbiage similar to that should not be an issue. Took maybe 10-15 minutes of fiddling around to figure it all out. select the one you want and BAM you have your files (avi format). But to be honest, I was impressed with this little dash camera!RULE #1: CASH IS KING Argentina isn’t just a cash friendly country, sometimes it’s cash demanding where many places will ONLY accept cash as payment. That’s why it’s important to carry at least a day’s worth of expenses with you as a just in case.

So if you want a cheap, functional dash cam just for the security of having video evidence if you need it #why do you think police cars have them? I am contemplating getting a few more for our other vehicles, especially our teenage son's car.

True, the directions are horribly small #but you can download a PDF of them here: and trying to navigate the menus on the device takes a little figuring out #as well as needing reading glasses if you're older like I am!


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