Glamour dating


The long, navy blue dress is made entirely of lace and has a scalloped top that ties around the neck.

A dainty, blue ribbon cinches at the waist for a more obvious mermaid-inspired fit.

Although she specializes in family photography, she explains, "I've definitely had people say, 'Hey, I need new photos for my dating profile,' and not just for the apps.

I've done shoots for people for sites like, too." I met Jessica a few weeks earlier at an art exhibit where she showcased her photos of Disney princesses at Disney's Magic Kingdom so I knew she'd be able to make all my Tinderella dreams come true. I had very little creative direction for her other than I wanted the shoot to feel and look unnaturally glamorous... I wanted the photos to appear very obviously staged to see if this would alter my Tinder experience in any way. She suggested we shoot in an outdoor park right before sunset — the golden hour — and that I wear a long, flowing dress and heels to really offset the natural background. I chose a dress I had ordered from to wear to a wedding I attended a few months back.

Let me just say that this was probably the least glamorous walk of my life since we had to fight off spider webs and rogue weeds along the way.


It was cold and wet and there were tons of kids running around while their parents, no doubt, wondered why I had shown up to the park dressed like this at 5 p.m. Luckily, Jessica had reminded me to bring a pair of flats to trek through the grass so I switched to those before we walked to our first location.The weather is warming in Chapel Hill, the sun is staying up longer and longer, and puppy love is in the air.If you haven’t started updating your dog’s dating profile, now is the time.To give him the best chance for a spring fling, he’ll need his best friend playing wingman.


When all the other eligible K-9s and 10s in the area are pawing through dating apps, you want to make sure your buddy is presented in the best light. He’s probably been hounding you for months to get some professional photographs taken that will get the other dogs drooling and panting (well, more than usual).Once I resumed my regular upright position, Jessica shared some of the photos with me and I was relieved.


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