Handsome paul dating

Ms Tian said hundreds of women swarmed to the mall on either day to choose among the candidates.'We didn't expect such good results,' Ms Tian added.

Apparently, all the six male candidates are workers at the shopping mall.

They had been chosen due to their good looks and desirable stature.

Shi Guoshan, the mall's event planning manager, said: 'Our requirements were single, mainly the appearance and height.

'Well, I currently don’t know anything about the game, but there’s a good reason to start learning!

Toyboy lover: Danni's beefcake boyfriend Kris Smith poses with fans in a revealing shot'Let’s put it this way, Cupid had asked for his arrow back!


British model Paul, who now lives in Hollywood, certainly has an eye for pretty A-listers, having previously dated Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz.

I’m not one to reveal much about my love life, but I’m a happy girl.'Meanwhile former brickie Paul is widely thought to be dating Cameron Diaz.



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