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: ‘cool’ fathers who take an active and engaged role in child-rearing – rather than accepting the punishing life of the archetypal ‘salaryman’ who single-mindedly sacrifices himself for the company to support his family.

The book also examines the rapid rise in popularity for personal grooming among Japan’s male population, the ascendance of hip-hop culture among young men who wish to be seen as rebellious and alternative, and the legion middle-aged male fans of all-girl super-group AKB48 – a musical and cultural phenomenon.

Japanese editor and photographer @yriica tried the app during his trip to Fukuoka, and uploaded his photos onto Twitter, along with a link to download the app.

The tweet has accumulated over 2,200 likes and over 1,200 retweets.“Gudak Cam” also ranked third in the paid category of Japan’s app store last week, with generally positive reviews saying they like the app and the app is awesome.

The developers want to regain this old-school feeling by stripping the app of 95 per cent of a modern camera’s fanciful functions, and leaving it with the most basic functions for taking a photo.

Gone are the days of cumbersome film cameras, when you had to worry whether you had enough film and consequently, how many photos you could take.

There was no instant reviewing of photos on the spot, and much less taking of multiple shots to find the right recent months." data-reactid="12"Among all the fanciful camera apps in the market, one particular camera app called “Gudak Cam” developed by a Korean company has caught people’s attention in recent months.

Oshikiri and Ebihara were previously part of the well-known Can Cam trio with Yu Yamada.

With nearly everyone in possession of a smartphone, just about anyone is now able to take a photo.In August 2008, it was announced that another of the magazine's popular models, Yuri Ebihara, would be "graduating" from the magazine and moving on to Ane Can.



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