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A front moving through early today will bring a cooler airmass our way for this afternoon into early Wednesday, before southwesterly winds give our temperatures another boost.

Here is a peek at some cold air on the west side of the mountains.

Today, we'll remain in the cooler airmass behind that front, with temperatures only nudging upward a...

Read More Monday started out in the 60s but ended with 40s and low 50s by late afternoon as a cold front moved through.

The result will be patchy rain and showers in the morning, decreasing to a few sprinkles or areas of drizzle in the afternoon, and temperatures that are highest in the morning before trending downward midday through the afternoon. Radar echoes are rather widely scattered for our part of the state as we're starting the day, with a substantial shower just northest of Roxboro, and some spotty showers and light rain over southern Granville,...


We dont' drop quite that far but our temps turn chilly this afternoon and evening...we'll continue with a number of days this week well above our normal high of 55 for this time of year. Read More After weekend highs reaching 65 on Saturday (62 during daylight hours) and 72 on Sunday.


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