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This celebratory programme will feature especially commissioned anniversary pieces by contemporary composers Nico Muhly, Bob Chilcott and New Zealand’s Leonie Holmes. Hamilton Civic Choir kick off their 2018 concert programme with a regional tour entitled “From Hamilton to New York” where they will be performing a variety of musical bonanza from acclaimed international composers.

This tour serves as an extension of the choir’s impending international tour following a call from Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) inviting them to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in April this year.

In a rare visit to New Zealand, this irresistibly charismatic ensemble performs at the New Zealand Festival in Wellington and the Auckland Arts Festival on their whistle-stop “Gold” world tour to celebrate 50 years in the business.




You do not have to be a member of a choir nor live on the Coast to come to the Festival. WORKSHOPS: • A full timetable will be sent to each registrant outlining in more detail what the workshops will involve.

Award winning conductor Bridget O' Shanassy will let you in on this fun acapella genre • "Taize" workshop - run by Ann-Marie Stapp a style of acapella singing which transcends all boundaries and takes you to a relaxing space, all the while singing. 3 quick rehearsals and before you know it you will be on stage performing A chance to sing together in one BIG space - so much fun and fellowship with others who sing your part After registration you will be sent a link to download and print your own copies of 4 pieces of sheet music.


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