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Upon first glance, the site leaves much to be desired aesthetically.

A white website, two webcam windows, and a simple chatroom interface grace this free video chat site.

She has written that employing the human voice is central to her work as it “builds empathy and…an understanding of intent between performer and audience that helps you share the same time and the space and creates an embodied experience.” Presented through First Look, “Sonic Chatroulette” is a live, collaborative interface created by Adam Harvey and Simone Niquille in response to—or as a structural remix of—an earlier work by Herndon: was inspired by Herndon’s self-surveillance of her own browser habits—the sounds of which she combined into a haunted and turbulent electronic score.

The video is composed of depictions of intimate workspaces (Herndon’s and dozens of others), all seen from an aerial view as if captured by a domestic drone.

Chat Ride Chatroulette Alternative Video Chat lets you video chat with random strangers and invite your friends by email to have a private "chat ride" with you.

“I think it’s more about the experience of seeing your browser acting on its own, like a self-surfing application sending you around the www’s rather than an interest in my personal stuff,” he writes, “even though I got a lot of good feedback on the music which was playing.”He is right: I’m not keeping the browser open to see where Lund goes next, but where that crazy, sentient Chrome window takes me.

I really hope he doesn’t visit some weird fetish site when someone’s over my shoulder. Design, “so it’s both a continuous broadcast as well as a growing archive of my online activities.” Locally, my browser accesses his database and redirects me to follow Lund’s path.

Selfsurfing is a clever, low-overhead use of simple web protocols, which only exacerbates the project’s brilliance: how has no one done this before?

I’m checking when the next Flux Death Match will be.

I have all sorts of code snippets I’ve been working on in various tabs.

A composer, performer, and occasional visual artist, Herndon performs live sets that involve her creating dense sound compositions while her collaborators, Akihiko Taniguchi and Mat Dryhurst, manipulate image-processing software seen projected on a large screen behind her.


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