Tf2 validating problem

Class Class(Unknown Source)2013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] ... Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception: 62013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] at org.Class Short(Unknown Source)2013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] at org.Minecraft.a( at asq.a(Source File:56) at net.minecraft.client. Certificate fingerprint de4cf8a3f3bc15635810044c39240bf96804ea7d2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin FMLCore Plugin run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Running coremod plugin FMLForge Plugin2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin FMLForge Plugin run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Running coremod plugin Code Chicken Core Plugin2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Adding Accesstransformer map: codechickencore_at.cfg2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin Code Chicken Core Plugin run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Running coremod plugin den Lib Core Mod2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin den Lib Core Mod run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Running coremod plugin Jutil Loader2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin Jutil Loader run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Running coremod plugin NEICore Plugin2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Adding Accesstransformer map: nei_at.cfg2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Coremod plugin NEICore Plugin run successfully2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Validating minecraft2013-01-31 [FINEST] [Forge Mod Loader] Minecraft validated, launching...2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Inserted super call into avz.c2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] avf was overriden from NEI_v1.4.5.1.jar2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Generated Block Mob Spawner helper method.2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Inserted Game Data hook2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] 27 achievements2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] 210 recipes2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Setting user: TKD_KZ, -31465603882912082542013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] LWJGL Version: 2.8.42013-01-31 [情報] [Forge Mod Loader] Attempting early Minecraft Forge initialization2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Minecraft Forge v6.6.0.515 Initialized2013-01-31 [情報] [Forge Mod Loader] Minecraft Forge v6.6.0.515 Initialized2013-01-31 [情報] [STDOUT] Replaced 84 ore recipies2013-01-31 [情報] [Forge Mod Loader] Completed early Minecraft Forge initialization2013-01-31 [詳細レベル(低)] [Forge Mod Loader] Building injected Mod Containers [fml.common. Manifest Entry Verifier.verify(Unknown Source) at jar. Relaunch Class Class(Relaunch Class at Jar at fml.common.discovery. Container Mods(Container at fml.common.discovery. Mod Candidate.explore(Mod at fml.common.discovery. Mod Discoverer.identify Mods(Mod at fml.common. Loader.identify Mods( at fml.common. Minecraft.a( at asq.a(Source File:56) at net.minecraft.client. No Class Def Found Error: cpw/mods/fml/common/modloader/Mod Loader Mod Container2013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] at fml.common.Mod Container Container [情報] [STDERR] at fml.common.discovery. [情報] [STDERR] at Source)2013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] Caused by: Mod Loader Mod Container2013-01-31 [情報] [STDERR] at fml.relauncher.Event Bus.dispatch(Event at Event Bus.dispatch Queued Events(Event at Load Controller.distribute State Message(Load at fml.common. Security Exception: SHA-256 digest error for cpw/mods/fml/common/modloader/Mod Loader Mod Container.class at sun. Relaunch Class Class Bytes(Relaunch Class at fml.relauncher. Mod Container Container at fml.common.discovery. FMLClient Handler.begin Minecraft Loading(FMLClient at net.minecraft.client. Source)2013-01-31 [WARNING] [Forge Mod Loader] Problem loading Jar Verifier$Verifier Source) at Filter Input Source) at fml.relauncher. Relaunch Class Fully(Relaunch Class at fml.relauncher.


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