Top 5 intimidating grounds

Amongst extensive retail, leisure and office spaces, these complexes also feature cultural institutions like the Mori Art Museum and Suntory Museum of Art.Many people think that all Dutch supporters are the same as the orange clad hordes of Oranje who follow the national team - all painted faces, welcoming smiles, pairs of clogs around the neck and always ready to dance with the Brazilians, even after defeat. Here's our take on the most intimidating venues in Dutch football...Here are some of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods, and the attractions that make them worth a visit.The heart of Ebisu, one of Tokyo’s most expensive neighborhoods, is Yebisu Garden Place, a collection of buildings and skyscrapers that houses restaurants, shops, hotels, offices and museums.Surely one of the most bizarre compromises a club had made.Will things improve when the club moves to their shiny new stadium in 2007 ?Located near parent company Sapporo’s world headquarters in Yebisu Garden Place, the museum features tours (in Japanese), exhibits and a beer tasting room.If your cultural interests lean more toward art than malt beverages, Ebisu’s Metropolitan Museum of Photography features a large permanent collection and frequently changing exhibitions.



But even against the lesser teams of the Eredivisie the Feyenoord fans like to make it uncomfortable experience for the opposition, and being sat next to them in the away end can make for a long 90 minutes.A temple to the working class identity of Rotterdam, it's classed as one of the most atmospheric not just in Holland, but also Europe.


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