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But as I waited for my big break, I also waited tables. Being a sugar baby — a young woman who goes on dates with wealthy older men, or sugar daddies, in exchange for money or gifts — seemed like it could be better than waitressing. The social stigma of being a "kept" sugar baby made me apprehensive, and besides, weren't all sugar babies supposed to be young and hot?I look vaguely like Macie, the Seal Girl from Enter Seeking Arrangement, an online dating site for those interested in the sugaring lifestyle, and their second annual Sugar Baby Summit.

Despite this variety in "flavors of sugar," the babies were all serious about honing their craft. Cube was not the only out-of-towner; women had traveled from Texas, New York, and one all the way from London.

Most of it wasn't shocking: They advise rotating out profile pictures regularly to attract a daddy and always wearing makeup, makeup – stay away from red and pink lip colors. But what did intrigue me was, on top of this, a good sugar baby is supposed to have a career path outside of sugaring.



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