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Smith was investigated for a domestic violence incident last month. Once seen as a shoo-in to be reinstated, Smith could be looking at more time away from football.

Gatpandan did not disclose the nature of the investigation, saying just that Smith "was mentioned in the report." TMZ Sports reported Smith is being investigated for a "domestic incident." Hoping to get reinstated in March, this is a bad look for Smith even if the investigation comes to nothing.

According to beat writer Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area, Smith has been keeping in shape and wouldn't need much practice time to be game-ready.

The NFL was expected to make a ruling on Smith's reinstatement last week but obviously that didn't happen.


Smith has been serving an indefinite suspension following repeated violations of the league's substance abuse policy.Smith's one-year suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy ends November 17, but his reinstatement is not a slam dunk after a video which may have shown him smoking an unknown substance surfaced over the summer.



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