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The GOP was strongly committed to protectionism and tariffs from its founding until the 1930s, when it was based in the industrial Northeast and Midwest. presidential elections and there have been a total of 19 Republican Presidents, the most from any one party.

Since 1952, there has been a reversal against protectionism and the party's core support since the 1990s comes chiefly from the South, the Great Plains, the Mountain States and rural areas in the North, and Evangelicals nationwide. The first was 16th President Abraham Lincoln, who served from 1861 until his assassination in 1865; and the most recent being 45th and current president Donald Trump, who took office on January 20, 2017.

The Republican Party, commonly referred to as the GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party), is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, the other being its historic rival, the Democratic Party.

The party is named after republicanism, the dominant value during the American Revolution.

In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt, after being rejected by the GOP, formed the Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party and ran as a candidate.

The liberal New Deal Democrats dominated the Fifth Party System at the national level.

Founded in the Northern states in 1854 by anti-slavery activists, modernizers, ex Whigs and ex Free Soilers, the Republican Party quickly became the principal opposition to the dominant Democratic Party and the briefly popular Know Nothing Party.

The main cause was opposition to the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise by which slavery was kept out of Kansas.

The Republican Party is currently the primary party in power in the United States, holding the Presidency (Donald Trump), majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, a majority of governorships and state legislatures (full control of 32/50, split control of five others).

Furthermore, the GOP presently hold "trifectas" (the Executive branch and both chambers of the Legislative branch) in a majority of states (26/50) and a "Trifecta Plus" (Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches) at the federal level (as five of the nine U. Supreme Court justices were appointed by Republican presidents).

Arthur pushed for reform of the civil service in 1883.



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