Who is kuki gallmann dating

"Though times are very tough for those properties affected by the invasions, the extent of the troubles are restricted to parts of north and west Laikipia," he said.

The Italian-born conservationist and writer Kuki Gallmann, 65, is best known for her book I Dreamed of Africa.

The KWS Rangers returned fire and were able to rescue her and returned her to her house where first aid was administered before taking her to the conservancy airfield where she was airlifted to Nanyuki for additional treatment and eventually to Nairobi for surgery.

We would like to commend the courageous and swift action by the KWS Rangers which was able to save an ardent conservationist.

We would however condemn the unprovoked attack by the suspected herders which poses a security threat to residents and wildlife in Laikipia.


The 73-year-old Gallmann had been with rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service, assessing damage done to her property Saturday by arsonists who burned down buildings at one of Laikipia Nature Conservancy's tourism lodges, said Laikipia Farmers Association chairman Martin Evans.Eventually Paolo and I found somewhere to live, an estate called Ol Ari Nyiro, in Laikipia, which is teeming with wildlife and stretches from Mount Kenya to the Great Rift Valley.



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